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Telehealth platforms allow you to remotely evaluate, diagnose, and provide real-time treatment and care to your patients for convenience, better engagement, and comfortable follow-up treatment. Here are the top 10 telehealth software – their pros and cons.

1. SimplePractice

Take notes, provide free appoint reminders, and use other features like e-claim filing, billing, and invoicing.

Cons: Some doctors have reported technical issues faced with video conferencing.

2. Doxy Me

A free, easy-to-use, and secure platform for desktop, iOS, and Android devices. Superb for management of long-

term and chronic health conditions.

Cons: You need a very strong internet support to avoid glitches.

3. AMC Health

A telehealth platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services, Bluetooth device options, and clinical trial options.

Cons: The company does not provide enough information on its pricing and subscriptions.

4. swyMED

An emergency care telehealth provider that can be used even in areas of low bandwidth. Great for community

paramedicine programs, emergency responses, and hospital/home health monitoring.

Cons: No information on pricing or user reviews. The company does not provide clear information on support.

5. Teladoc

An easy-to-use full-featured telehealth solution for patients to access a national network of doctors.

Cons: Physicians do not have access to important patient information and diagnostic test results.

6. Mend

A full-featured telehealth suite that is designed to help doctors increase their efficiency, reduce the number of missed appointments, and increase their profitability.

Cons: Lacks proper supports. Unclear pricing. Lag in syncing of systems. Reporting tools need to be updated.

7. AdvancedMD

The platform provides an appointment dashboard, one-click electronic health records, and doctor-patient conferencing options.

Cons: Very pricey.

8. PhysicianVisit

Medical professionals can use the app for conferencing with patients, sharing documents, and making notes. The app is free for patients and costs only $59 per month for service providers.

Cons: Does not show multi-state availability.

9. ChARM Health

ChARM Health offers electronic health records, practice management, medical billing, and healthcare messaging. Fix appointments or reschedule appointments with your patients seamlessly with the app.

Cons: Delay in customer support. The free plan is limited to onlye one practice and five users. It is not designed for speciality practices.

10. Healthie

A web and mobile telehealth platform for nutritionists, health coaches, dieticians, and other wellness professionals. It includes tools like scheduling, billing, charting, document sharing, client food logging, and messaging; it is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and PIPEDA.

Cons: Several bugs. Users have reported that information has either been saved in the wrong place, lost, or unrecoverable.