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Telemedicine has been used for many years to treat people’s illnesses and provide a convenient way for doctors to treat their patients. Did you know that telemedicine is also available for your teeth as well?

We will discuss the use of telemedicine and what you can expect when you make an appointment with an online dentist on Jasper Providers.

What is Teledentistry?

Jasper Health works with various telehealth providers to find high quality virtual dental care for you. The dentists on our network provide video conferencing visits at times that work best for you, including after the hours that most dental offices are closed.

When Would I Use an Online Dentist?

Have you considered using an online dentist in order to do a consultation? We are here when you don’t have the time to go to a dentist, or don’t want to pay the extremely pricy fees to go to the emergency room for your toothache. Or, perhaps you live a long distance from a hospital or you will be unable to get an appointment with them sooner than you expected. For young kids who are scared of the dentist, teledentistry is another great choice. Teledentists are available at a time that is convenient for you.

What a teledentist can help you with

  • Prescribe you an antibiotic or non-narcotic pain medication for your pain
  • Do a general oral health assessment
  • Consult on oral sores, lesions, swelling and/or infections, prescribing medication when indicated
  • Advise on next steps broken, sensitive, or misaligned teeth
  • Provide advice as to whether a patient problem is medical or dental
  • Give you a second opinion on your dental treatment plan

Questions you can ask a teledentist

A teledentist can help address many potential questions that you have, such as:

  • When should my child have loose tooth?
  • Is this tooth in the right place?
  • Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?
  • Do I need braces?
  • Is Invisalign or SmileDirectClub better?
  • What can I do about my cavity?
  • My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. What’s wrong?

When You Sign Up For an Appointment

To get started, go to Jasper Providers. Just visit www.jasperhelps.com/providers/teledentist to get started.

When you are ready to set up an appointment with a dentist, click on the button that says, Request an Appointment.

How Long Does it Take?

Once you have submitted the online form, you can expect a vet to contact you by text or email within a few hours. They will then set up a time for the appointment that works best for you.

Appointments typically last anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending upon the complexity of the problem. You will be given ample time to have your questions answered.

What Will You Need?

Teledentist appointments take place through teleconference using an app called Zoom.

You can download this app for free on your computer, cell phone, or tablet. When you are having the call, move to a place with good lighting, such as near a window.

How much does it cost?

A telehealth session is reimbursable by your private health insurance. Further, due to COVID-19 crisis, Medicare will be reimbursing for all telemedicine costs. If you have neither, it costs a flat fee of $50 per session.

How Do I Get Prescriptions?

Once the online dentist has determined your prescriptions, they will use one of several ways to order your prescriptions. Depending on your state, your dentist will use one of many online pharmacies.

If your situation can’t wait on medications to be delivered in a few days, your dentist may be able to call them into a local pharmacy for you.