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One of the biggest issues Dentists face is managing all of their business expenses while also providing top-notch care to their patients. The team at Jasper recently partnered with Divvy, a free spend management platform that helps dentists to budget, track expenses and increase visibility into their cash flows.

Divvy is a spend and expense management platform for business.

That means you get financial software fused with smart corporate credit cards, bill pay functionality, travel management, and more.

Together, these features let you see and control spending in real time. It means you can finally give individual credit cards to your administrative staff with a specific budget to purchase items.

In our experience, Divvy is the best expense management solution on the market because it helps Dentists like your save time and money by providing the tools and insights you need to spend smarter.

Plus, Divvy is completely free to use ——> Check out Divvy here!