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Already have a bill? Text a picture of it to (630) 394-4392 and we'll on turning into a 0% interest payment plan.

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Jasper's mission to help afford care. Whether you need financing for your Dog, Cat, or any other furry family member, you can use it to apply instantly to dozens of lenders everywhere.

Approvals Up to $100,000.
No hard credit check.
No hidden costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jasper Health is a financing solution for patients that allows a patient to break up a medical payment into equal installment payments. Essentially, enjoy the benefits of your treatment today, while pay for it in a manageable way.

When you chose your clinic, the quality of your provider and the clinic was extremely important to you. Existng financing options offer hard to understand terms which can lead to buyer’s remorse, poor customer satisfaction and an extra headache for you. We built Jasper so financing is accessible and simple to understand for everyone.

Once you know what procedure you want and where, apply on Jasper for your customized financing option. Our proprietary risk assessment platform helps more people be approved, even if you don't qualify for traditional loans or medical credit cards. Once we approve you, we wire the money directly to your clinic so you can go ahead with your procedure, while we connect to your bank account and you set up automatic transfers. After that, there's nothing else to do!

We're Here to Help You Get Affordable Care.

If you still have questions, or your application was denied, or you need a person to talk to, reach out and our Jasper Aides will be happy to help.

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