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Affording Care, Everywhere.

Healthcare is becoming unaffordable to Americans. We created Jasper to make it affordable again.

Bad Credit Dental Financing in Florida

Low Rates Dental Financing Services with Jasper Health

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Why Jasper

Your healthcare insurance takes care of worst-case scenario situations, but your high deductible makes paying for routine stuff to take care of yourself impossible. Sound familiar?

Jasper is a credit card that gives people access to cheaper healthcare and making paying it easier.


No Co-Pays for Annual Care

Get a free annual checkup, a dental cleaning, and vision exam each year to make sure you're in good shape.


Save With Cash Prices

Save 20% at check-out for all medical services or tests at places that are in the Jasper Network.


Pay On Your Terms

For any procedures over $100 and under $1000, you can choose to pay it off in 0% interest rate installments.


Get Covered for High Hospital Bills

Your Card includes hospital indemnity insurance, which will cover $100 per day that you're there. It's insurance, for your insurance.

People Are Using Jasper to Save Today

Abby and Jeff are having their first child.

After hours of calling around local hospitals, they got quotes between $5,000 - $35,000 and more confused than ever.

Abby used her Jasper app to find a baby delivery package price of $1250. Jasper enabled her to pay that off in 12 months at $120 per month.

Abby and Jeff are now happily raising a 1 year old son, Marcus.

How It Works

America's healthcare is difficult to navigate. Jasper helps people find cheaper prices, compare providers by value, and get empathetic payment plans.

Find a Provider

Use Jasper's App to find a provider and their discounted cash prices. Book easily with them via the app.

Use Your Card

Use Jasper for any office, hospital, or clinic. It also works with any health insurance plan, and also if you don't have a health plan. Use it like another credit card.

Upload Your Bill

Just upload your bill after each service or test. Jasper's smart tech will do the rest to offer you 0% payment plans, credit your account for discounts, and more!

Select Your Card



  • 0% interest 3, 6, 12 month healthcare payment plans.
  • 14% - 25% APR on non-healthcare purchases.
  • $500 - $10,000 credit limit.

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$ 15 month

  • All Silver plan features plus:
  • Free annual checkup, dental cleaning, and vision exam.
  • 20% off payments for Jasper Network providers.

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$ 35 month

  • All Gold features plus:
  • Free indemnity insurance that covers $100/per night at the hospital, up to $1000 in total.

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